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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

We manufacture furniture from old at your request. Each piece is made to order, by qualified manual work. Planning and conversion of existing items to reclaimed wood furniture and everyday objects from old wood can be carried out by us according to your wished. Some visual examples of of furniture and interior design made from reclaimed wood are presented on this as well as on our "“References” page.

Here we have a small selection of reclaimed wood furniture that we have made for our customers. For example:


Tabletops made from sliced beams with cracks fill with epoxy resin, dining tables, living room tables or restaurant tables made from old oak and pine floorboards and beams, cabinets, mirror cabinets or display cabinets make from old wooden windows with reclaimed wood backside and fitting shelves. A small dresser was turned into a base cabinet for a sink. Old door hinges were turned into unique table feet.

There are no limits to our imagination.


If you are looking for a unique piece of furniture, please give us a call or use our contact form.. We are happy to help you with the realization of your ideas.

Desktop made from sliced beams on an old sewing machine stand

Restaurant tables made from old oak

We manufacture tables from old oak according to your ideas and sizes.

Table made from old oak beams

We offer tables made of old oak beams. Here you can find a sample table of size 120 x 74 x 55 cm (LxWxH). We manufacture the tables to order and your desired sizes.

Prices and shipping cost are available on request.

Large dining table made from sliced oak beams with epoxy resin

Display cabinet or bathroom cabinet made from old wooden window

Reclaimed wood windows as cabinet.
The backside of the display cabinet is made from brushed reclaimed wood.
The display cabinet is also available with LED lighting.
Size: H x W: ca. 90 x 70 cm, depth: 6 cm (can be made with more depth on customer request)
Price: € 280.00, with LED lighting: € 350.00

Sink base cabinet made from an old dresser

Restaurant tables made from old floorboards

Desktop made from oak and 200-years-old Russian alder wood

Table made from reclaimed wood floorboards

Table made from reclaimed wood floorboards with reforged door hinges. Original creation of our employee Virginie Welsch. Price € 500.00.

Double bed from reclaimed wood