Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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                                                                                         Reclaimed Wood Flooring

                                   The perfect flooring for a cozy atmosphere.




Deal boards / Old floorboards / Old wood deals

Our reclaimed floorboards are carefully un-nailed and conditioned to your liking for individual re-assembly. Before our floorboards are sold, they are professionally heat treated to keep your wood permanently protected and it high quality.


Types of wood: spruce / fir / pine

Colors: brown & grey tints

Thickness: 2.0 – 5.0 cm

Width: 10 – 40 cm

Length: 1.00 – 6.00 m


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Old deal boards / Floorboards

ResAnDes is a reliable and quality-aware provider of old floorboards.
Should you want the floorboards to be rear side planed, edges trimmed, or provided with groove and tongue, we can also provide for this for you to realize your dream of old wood as fast as possible.

Reclaimed wood flooring in original salvage condition – roughed and de-nailed

Old wood flooring pre-finished – brushed surface

Various design possibilities with the distinctive reclaimed wood flooring from ResAnDes

Our reclaimed wood flooring is optimally appliable for the private and public space and make for a warm and harmonic ambience. The range of application of our antique deals are innumerable. Examples are the hospitality industry as well as the adornment of your home.

Double bed made from old wood flooring

A neat double bed made from our historical wood flooring for a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. Make yourself comfortable and forget the daily grind when you lay down in this fabulous bed. 

Purchase of old lumber · Purchase of antique lumber

The restoration of historical building material starts with the purchase of old timber, antique timber or the purchase of old boards and wood. ResAnDes is permanently interested in the purchase of old and antique timber.

Use our contact from for the purchase of old timber.