Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Sun-weathered reclaimed wood planks

the perfect wall cladding for a warm ambiance.


ResAnDes is a reliable and quality-conscious supplier of sun-weathered reclaimed wood planks, wall claddings, and natural wood veneers.

Our reclaimed wood planks were originally used on the facades of old houses and barns. Depending on the sun exposure and weathering, the surface of the planks developed a unique patina with various shades of gray to brown. This texture is absolutely unique and cannot be replicated mechanically!

In our "References," "Reclaimed Wood Furniture," and "Design with Reclaimed Wood" sections, we present a variety of individual design examples using reclaimed wood. This will give you an optimal overview of our extensive range of services.

Reclaimed wood boards

Wood species: Spruce / Fir / Pine
Colors:Brown and gray tones
Thicknesses: 1,8 - 2,0 cm
Widths: 9 - 25 cm
Lengths: 1,00 - 3,80 m 

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Reclaimed wood planks - ready for installation - brushed - tongue and groove.

We offer weathered reclaimed wood planks in their original condition (de-nailed and roughly cleaned) to preserve their original character. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase our reclaimed wood planks in a ready-to-install condition (brushed surface, trimmed edges, and planed on the backside).

Upon request, our reclaimed wood planks can also be provided with tongue and groove for easier installation.


Original brown mountain condition

Brushed brown - ready for installation

Brushed brown - installed


You're not quite sure about the color tone? 
 No problem! For a fee of 10.00 €, we would be happy to send you a sample package.



Wall cladding - real wood veneers - veneers made from reclaimed wood planks

Our reclaimed wood veneers are perfect for various applications and create a unique and natural atmosphere. Enhance your walls in the living room, hallway, or covered outdoor areas. Due to the lightweight nature of each wood veneer, they can also be easily glued directly to the wall without the need for a substructure.


Reclaimed wood veneers/panels

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Wood species: Spruce / Fir / Pine
Colors:Brown and gray tones
Thicknesses: 1,5 cm
Widths: 8 cm
Lengths: 28,5 oder 57 cm 

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Here are some interior design examples using reclaimed wood planks and veneers

Rustic wall cladding with reclaimed wood

Design examples with reclaimed wood planks

A beautiful design example with brushed brown reclaimed wood planks. The room gains a warm and harmonious atmosphere that promotes relaxation and comfort.

Our antique wood planks also work wonderfully for cladding a small, cozy sauna. Here, you can leave behind the stresses of everyday life and unwind in a peaceful environment.


More usage examples


Feel free to browse through our references and discover furniture made from reclaimed wood planks and veneers!

Now, gather some interior design ideas:

Purchase of historical reclaimed wood beams · Purchase of old wooden beams

At ResAnDes, we have a permanent interest in purchasing old wooden beams, reclaimed wood flooring, and old wood paneling for the restoration of historical building materials. We strive to always be available to provide you with our high-quality reclaimed wood, helping to bring your antique visions to life with passion. Additionally, we are always delighted to purchase old wooden beams to support your individual preferences with our enchanting reclaimed wood.

Please feel free to use our form for the purchase of old wooden beams.