Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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          Reclaimed Pine Wood Beams

Perfect for reassembly or for a rustic carport.



Reclaimed Pine Wood Beams from selective dismantling

We offer old beam in various profiles and lengths from selective dismantling.
Our beams are available either in the original salvage condition (un-nailed and roughed) or brushed on request.
Our reclaimed wood beams are heat-treated against possible infestations to make sure they are kept in their best condition.

Types of wood:    spruce/ fir / pine
Colors:                     brown & grey tints
Thickness:             10 x 10 cm - 25 x 25 cm
Length:                    1,00 m - 8,00 m

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Please inform us about your needed dimensions 1-2 weeks ahead of time, to enable us to implement your requests quickly. Because of our constant sale, requisition, and the necessary treatment in the dry kiln, we need a little time frame to swiftly realize your wishes.

We deliver our historical building material Europe-wide.

Reclaimed Wood Beams in original salvage condition – with the dimension 20x20 and other sizes

Beams with a brushed finish

On request we can provide our reclaimed wood beams pre-finsihed.
Dirt gets removed from the beams with a nylon brush to make the beam texture re-appear.

Sliced beams for individual solutions

On request, beams can be sliced with a log band saw to your needed size. The resulting beam parts can be used for ornamental purposes on walls and ceilings and lend your interior design a rusitc ambience. 
Create a cozy place for your well-being.

Design possibilities with sliced beams