Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Our references

Historical building materials in use

Our references

Here you will get a small insight into various projects that were created from our historical building materials. We were primarily responsible as a supplier, but in some projects we were also responsible for manufacturing or assembly. Thanks to our extensive range and years of experience with historical building materials, we are able to fulfill almost all of your building and design needs.

A garden path with different colored or large granite slabs or a ruin wall made of old Bricks: with us, whether you are a company or a private individual, you will find the right historical building material for your project.

Facade cladding with clinker strips - facing bricks

With our straps cut from old bricks, you can give your facade sustainable warmth and weather protection. Thanks to their low thickness of 2 cm, our facing bricks are not only space-saving, but also easy to process. Our rustic brick slips are ideal for use in many areas and beautify facades, walls or floors both indoors and outdoors.

Greenhouse and decorative elements made from old bricks

Some time ago we delivered a truck of bricks to beautiful Saxony. This enchanting and unique greenhouse was created from the stones, as well as some small decorative elements and walls.

Chill Lounge garden hut made from reclaimed wooden boards and beams in a rustic alpine hut style

A beautiful reference of a unique reclaimed wood garden chill lounge.

This chill lounge consisting of our old wood boards and old beams a small quat-door kitchen, offers the ideal space for moments of relaxation.

Frost-proof and non-slip granite slabs, for garden paths, courtyard entrances, patio slabs

As these references show, our old granite slabs are ideal for driveways, garden paths, parking lots or for a unique patio design. Granite slabs are made of a very hard natural stone and can therefore be driven on by car without any problems. Due to their slightly rougher and therefore non-slip surface, the old panels are also perfect for pool surrounds.

Facade cladding - facade design with old wood boards - Altzolz sauna - chalet style

As this beautiful reference shows, our old wooden boards are not only suitable for interior use, but also ideal for cladding facades. A wooden facade forms a protective shell around the house and is therefore a good basis for modern, ecological and climate-friendly thermal insulation. A facade made of old wood is natural, sustainable and individual.

Garden pavilion made from historical building materials

This garden pavilion was built entirely from our historical building materials: old granite slabs, wooden boards, historical bricks and much more.

Garden design with old bricks

Raised beds are not only decorative, they save you from having to bend over and make gardening easier. As this beautiful example shows, our old bricks are ideal for raised beds or greenhouses.

Privacy and wind protection with old bricks

A ruin wall not only serves as a privacy and wind protection, it is also an individual and decorative element of garden design.

Half-timbered structure - ruin wall - garden wall - garden house - raised bed - design with old bricks

Whether as a ruin wall for privacy, a garden house with a raised bed or for half-timbered renovation, our old demolition bricks can be used universally and exude a special flair thanks to their individual colors your garden.

Wall design in the hallway with real wood strips

As this beautiful reference shows, our straps are an ideal basis for a unique living space. Thanks to their individual grain and history, they are a distinctive and sustainable wall design. The straps can be installed with ease and create a sense of comfort in the home in no time.

Treat yourself to a soothing break in one of the old wood saunas at the Hotel zum Goldenen Fass in Meißen.

Old wood sauna in alpine hut style. These saunas with our real old wood offer exclusive sauna pleasure in a rustic, old yet modern style. With lots of wood, the scent of herbs, quiet music and warm light, you can let all stress go away.

Try it!


Reclaimed wood boards for a TV back wall

As this TV back wall shows, reclaimed wood is extremely versatile and offers individual design options for every interior.

Newly built single-family house with old monastery format bricks

Try new things with old things... 
Building with old bricks is particularly attractive because no other building material offers this incredible variety of colors, shapes and surfaces. 
This single-family house, newly built with our monastery format bricks, shows how you can make creative use of old building materials.

Restored old wood doors for the “Natürlich Dienel” shop in Herrnhut

We received a nice order from the natural food store “Natural Dienel” in Herrnhut.

At "Natürlich Dienel" you not only get vegetables, plants and floristry from our region, but also a large selection of natural food products. Our doors offer the perfect contrast to the natural food products and mirrors that support sustainability.


Reclaimed wood boards for a showroom

Reclaimed wood boards from Resandes for a media@Home Baumann showroom.


Restaurant ''Elbsalon'' in Dresden

Interior fittings by ResAnDes with old softwood flooring. 
The wall and counter cladding as well as the table tops were manufactured and installed by us.

Garden house made of old bricks

This small garden house in Neuruppin was completely rebuilt from our old bricks, cast windows and roof tiles.

Reclaimed wood formwork for the in-house exhibition

Old wood boards from Resandes for the in-house exhibition of the company "freistil architektur" Rolf Benz in Nagold


Shop interior for LUSH Cosmetics in Berlin

For the company “LUSH Cosmetics” in Berlin we built and delivered the shop fittings for their handmade cosmetic products.  


Fashion-Week 2015

We delivered 300 m² of waste wood boards to Berlin for a “Camel active” stand.

Further references

Restaurant design with terracotta tiles

Delivery of 250 m² terracotta tiles for the “MARIENECK” inn in Pirna.

Sandstone slabs for Rolf Hoppe's Hoftheater in Dresden

Desk made of oak and 200 year old alder wood

ResAnDes desk made from 200 year old Russian alder and an old oak worktop.

Sauna design with brushed old wood formwork

Sandstone slabs for Tom Paul's Theater in Pirna

Delivery of ceiling beams for the “Erntekranzbaude” in Oppach

Restoration / old wood furniture

Secretary before and after the restoration

Chest of drawers before and after restoration

Biedermeier desk before and after the restoration