Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Old wooden doors

Old craftsmanship reused for reinstallation or as decoration


Old wooden doors in their original condition or refurbished

We offer historic wooden doors in their original condition or refurbished.

Whether as entrance doors, interior doors, single-leaf or multi-leaf doors, they are ideal for reinstallation or as decorative doors. We carry wooden doors in various architectural styles to suit your project.

In addition to our historic wooden doors, we also provide matching historic door fittings, mortise locks, hinges, and locksets.

Please discover our current inventory of doors in the following PDF:


Vestibule door from 1750

Very rare vestibule door from approximately 1750 in its original condition (except for the glazing), from a Baroque building in Eastern Saxony. Price on request.

Height: 313 cm
Width: 194 cm

Side dimensions:
Height: 295 cm
Width: 103 cm

Door dimensions:
Height: 237 cm
Width: 178 cm

Interior doors made from reclaimed wood planks

Upon request, we can provide you with doors made from reclaimed wood planks. The doors are veneered on both sides with reclaimed wood veneer and laminated onto 3-ply panels.

We are also happy to customize the doors according to your desired dimensions.