Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Historical Barn Windows

We offer antique barn windows that turn your ambience into a visual work of art that can be admired from inside as well as from the outside. 
You can get our barn windows in the original salvage condition or fully restored, according to preference. 
In addition, you can get the windows re-glazed to receive a modern valuable piece for the design of your home.
Because of the permanent sale and purchase, many different unique cast windows are available. 


In the PDF file below, you can find a price list of our currently available window models. 
We ship our antique barn windows Europe-wide.

Below the following button you can find our current offerings of windows.


  • altes Gussllfenster - Bergezustand


  • altes Gussfenster - Restauriert


Some design examples with our small barn windows

Some design examples with our large barn windows