Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Historic barn windows

rediscovering old blacksmithing craftsmanship


Historic barn windows

We offer antique barn windows that can transform your space into a visual masterpiece and be admired from both the outside and inside.
You can choose to get our barn windows in their original condition or completely refurbished, depending on your preference.
Additionally, you have the option to have the windows reglazed, giving them a more modern touch for your home design.
Due to the turnover and acquisition of various unique pieces, we always have different cast iron windows available.

Please find attached the current price lists for our window models in the respective PDF files.
We deliver our antique barn windows throughout Europe.


Please discover our current inventory of barn windows in the following PDF:

Here are some design possibilities using our small barn windows:

Here are some design possibilities using our large barn windows:

Purchase of historic barn windows

We are constantly interested in purchasing old barn windows! If you have iron windows or barn windows for sale, please feel free to send us an offer.

Simply use our form for the purchase of barn windows to submit your offer.

We look forward to receiving your offer!