Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Marvelous brick tiles cut from old cloister-format bricks

ResAnDes historic brick tiles we manufacture wall and flood tiles made of old Reich and Baroque format bricks.

If you want your walls to look impressive, or just crave for your interior design to get that last, finishing touch of tradition, ResAnDes offers you the perfect historic construction materials.

Our Brick tiles are made of original historic bricks, and thus known for their highest weatherability and high resilience, thus forming the best solution for cladding of exterior walls. The real bricks are always an eye-catcher and in case of upgrade of existing structures allow for space-saving interior design.

Our baroque format brick tiles with rustic surfaces are available in 28x7 cm dimension and are 2 cm thick. The striking baroque forms emit an impressive atmosphere.

Our rustic brick tiles find their optimal use in various areas and beautify your facades or floors both in interiors and in external spaces.

Shall you be interested in our offer ResAnDes is ready to inform you about current prices and available quantities.

Application example – Baroque format brick tiles

Our Brick tiles are additionally and carefully machine-polished after cutting, to guarantee the elegant, almost ceramic surface. Accomplish even the most specific of your designs with ResAnDes brick tiles. Our weathered tiles made of old clinker bricks will withstand even the frost of a cold winter. This adds resistance to your outside surfaces, as well as adds a handsome decoration to it.

Shall you be interested in our offer, we are more than willing to share current prices and available qualities, in order to make proceeding with your construction possible.

Here, at ResAnDes we listen to your personal wishes and try our best to complete them as fast as we can.

ResAnDes brick tiles made of Reich format clinker

Floors covered with ResAnDes Reich-format brick tiles