Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Old bricks

Different shades are available, from subtle yellow to expressive dark red.

Antique wood

We offer weathered old wood boards in their original salvaged condition or prepared ready for installation.

Historical natural stone

We offer a large selection of historical granite slabs from dismantling throughout Europe.

Historical building materials for extra-ordinary living space design.

Are you looking for specific historical building materials?

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Old windows and doors

Available in the original salvage condition, drained or fully restored and re-glazed. Double-leaf, single-leaf, with or without lattice.

Historical roof tiles and beaver-tail tile

Ideal for your exterior design for roofs and wall coverings.

Brick slips – facing slips cut from old monastery size bricks

Ideal Brick slips for an expressive wall design.

Charming interior design with historical building materials

Do you want to design your walls expressively or give your interior the finishing touches? Or are you looking for a unique and naturally beautiful patio design? 
We offer you a large selection of historical building materials for your project.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call or write to us.

We reclaim historical building materials especially wood panels, granite slabs, bricks and wooden beams.

Furthermore, we restore historical building materials, antique windows, doors and furniture. We provide old bricks, granite slabs, brownstone slabs, roof tiles and reclaimed wood. We offer all materials for restoration of buildings and outside facilities based on historical models. Production of individual furniture and the design of living spaces with recycled building material like reclaimed wood panels, brick/facing slips or brick tiles are services we offer. In addition, we offer living space design, in antique and country chic. Your personal wishes, ideas, and imaginations are our number one priority.

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