Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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the perfect flooring for a cozy atmosphere.



ResAnDes is a reliable and quality-conscious supplier of old wooden floorboards.

If your preference is to have the floorboards planed, trimmed, or with tongue and groove on the backside, we are more than happy to fulfill this request. Our goal is to assist you in bringing your dream of using old wood to life as quickly as possible.

Our reclaimed wood floorboards are carefully de-nailed and, if desired, fully prepared for individual reinstallation. Before resale, our floorboards undergo professional heat treatment to protect the wood from any infestations, ensuring that your old wood remains durable and of high quality.


Our offer

Wood species: Spruce / Fir / Pine
Colors:Brown and gray tones
Thicknesses: 2,0 - 5,0 cm
Widths: 10 - 40 cm
Lengths: 1,00 - 6,00 m 

If we have piqued your interest, please request our price lists in PDF format!


Various design possibilities with the distinctive reclaimed floorboards from ResAnDes

Our reclaimed floorboards are perfect for both private and public spaces, creating a warm and harmonious ambiance. The possible uses for our antique floorboards are countless. They are ideal for hospitality settings, adding charm and character to restaurants and cafes. Additionally, they are wonderful for enhancing the beauty of your own home, bringing a touch of history and uniqueness to your living space.


Discover our references and be inspired by our previous works!

Old floorboards

Old floorboards in their original condition, roughly cleaned and de-nailed

Old floorboards prepared for installation - brushed surface

Purchase of old construction timber · Purchase of antique construction timber

The restoration of historical building materials begins with the purchase of old construction timber, antique construction timber, or even the acquisition of old boards and aged wood. Resandes is always interested in purchasing old and antique construction timber.

Please use our form to submit your offer for old construction timber.