Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Garden design with historical building materials

with old bricks, granite and sandstone as well as old wood

Here you will get a small insight into a wide range of garden design options using our historical building materials. Whether ruin walls or raised beds made of old bricks, individual terraces with old wood cladding a> or garden paths and courtyard entrances with old granite slabs and paving.

Here you will find a few creative ideas for an unusual garden design.

We would be happy to advise you on your gardening project.

Garden design with old bricks and roof tiles

Ruins and garden walls made of old bricks

Terrace design with old wood boards and old wood beams

Raised beds and greenhouses made from old demolition bricks

Design garden paths, courtyard entrances and terraces with old granite slabs

Garden house and tool shed made from old demolition bricks

Garden design with sandstone

Sandstone troughs

Garden design with granite

Harmonious garden design with granite troughs

Granite troughs are also particularly recommended for garden design. They also fit harmoniously into the image of your garden and are each a unique piece, because no two granite troughs are the same. Granite troughs are suitable for decoration and as plant bowls.

You can get granite troughs from us with a length of 90 cm or more.