Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Resandes exclusive wooden products

Individual handcraft: furniture, decoration products and gifts

The possibilities for exclusive wooden products are very diverse: from inviting shop furniture to beautiful tables in restaurants and bars and individual furniture in business premises. Accents can be set through artfully crafted decorative objects and our specially crafted lanterns made from reclaimed wood beams. 

Historic wood has a very exclusive character. All of our products are unique and also protect the environment through our upcycling.

We would be happy to advise you if you have any questions about our reclaimed wood designs. Just get in touch with us!

Just get in touch with us!

Wooden lanterns and candle holders

We create lanterns from antique wooden beams. Get a very special decorative element for your home!

Wooden gifts

Give your loved ones, friends or yourself beautiful unique pieces of old wood that have been lovingly handcrafted.

Unique picture frames

Frames made from reclaimed wood or antique window frames to enhance your paintings, drawings, and photographs.


Furniture made from reclaimed wood

Charming and rustic furnishings made from reclaimed wood for your home, office, or business.