Historische Baustoffe Antikholz
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Historical building materials


Building materials with character


Historic building materials are materials that originate from old (historic) buildings and are recovered by deconstruction to preserve their value. Almost all building materials can be reused in this way.

The reuse is very diverse. Historic building materials have a very exclusive character because they are unique. In addition, there is an ecological component: after all, the building materials do not have to be produced anew and further resources are conserved.

We will be happy to advise you with our experience and expertise on the possible uses and applications of our building materials.

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Old bricks

Different shades, from a subtle yellow to an expressive dark red are available.


Antique wood

We offer weathered reclaimed wood boards in their original salvaged condition or reconditioned ready for installation.


Historical natural stone

We offer a wide range of historical granite slabs from European deconstruction.

Old windows and doors

We offer weathered reclaimed wood boards in their original salvaged condition or reconditioned ready for installation.


Historical roof tiles and beaver-tail tile

Ideal for your exterior design for roofs and wall coverings.

Brick slips – facing slips cut from old monastery size bricks

Ideal Brick slips for an expressive wall design.

Preserving the historic and shaping it into the new

For more than 12 years we have specialized in salvage and sale of historical building materials. The focus here is especially old bricks as well as scrap wood and granite slabs, which we can offer in large quantities due to various industrial demolitions.


Our offer is extended by the restoration of old windows and the production of individual furniture from old wood.

We are happy to assist you with our experience and expertise in the use and application of our building materials.

Professional, ready-to-use preparation

For the implementation of your projects and individual ideas, we offer a wide variety of historical building materials. You will only find historical building materials with us, and no new goods or replicas, as we specialize in historical building materials.

We cater to your specific preferences and leave no stone unturned. With us, you will find antique building materials such as old roof tiles, antique doors, historical windows, old granite slabs, old beams, clay bricks, and reclaimed wood. If we are unable to immediately provide all the materials, our goal is to promptly source the desired antique building materials for you.

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